Computer Club

“The most important thing about technology is how it changes people”- Jaron Lanier

The great benefits of a computer qualify it as a boon to our society.

Modern Age is the age of Computers. We live in a world where every action from studies to cooking is a  marvel of the screen, keyboard and mouse. The world’s latest advancements is a genisis of computer. They  have brought to light the real meaning of the quote, “IMPOSSIBLE is in the dictionary of fools”. 

They have lead to the dawn of an age where one witness perfection in every field.

Children of today are the First Generation of the digital age. They’re being raised in a society that is changing  rapidly as a result of influence of new computer based technologies that provide more pervasive and faster  worldwide  links to commerce, art and literature. To enhance and improvise the technical ability and intellect of  the students, the Computer Club, aims at organizing the following exclusive computer based interactive event  for the students under an Inter School Computer Fest.